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AutoPowerz Talking Remote Anti-Theft Security Device / Alarm. A Bike Alarm Is An Electronic Device Installed In A Vehicle In An Attempt To Discourage Theft Of The Vehicle Itself, Its Contents, Or Both. Bike Alarms Work By Emitting High-Volume Sound (Usually A Siren, Klaxon, Pre-Recorded Verbal Warning, The Vehicle'S Own Horn, Or A Combination Thereof) When The Conditions Necessary For Triggering Are Met, As Well As By Flashing Some Of The Vehicle'S Lights, And (Optionally) Notifying The Bike'S Owner Via A Paging System And Interrupting Various Electrical Circuits Necessary For The Bike To Start.

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Anti-Theft Security System Alarm With Speaker


Auto Powerz



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Anti-Theft Security System Alarm With Speaker

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